CO2 uptake from Klimatskog on Swedish farms

You receive a personal certificate certifying that by investing in Klimatskog, you contribute to CO2 being effectively removed from the atmosphere, limit global warming, increase biodiversity, and reach set climate goals - locally, nationally and globally.

You get the certificate adapted for social media so you can communicate your climate efforts and inspire more people to make a difference.

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per tonne of CO2 uptake

In collaboration with a number of Swedish farms, fast-growing deciduous trees are planted to create climate benefits in the form of CO2 absorption from the atmosphere, which contributes to reaching Sweden's climate goals and slowing down global warming. In addition to being very efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide, the plantings also contribute to increasing biological diversity. One of the Swedish farms, from which the photos come, is Åstorp farm in Sörmland, which is run with great climate commitment by Erik Hedar.

To further contribute to the climate goals, the biomass from the Climate Forest is used to produce biochar for long-term storage of the captured carbon.

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