Climate forest helps to make your municipality climate-smart

Climate forest - Efficient carbon dioxide uptake and decontamination of environmental toxins.

The concept is based on the cultivation of climate forest within the Municipality. The climate forest is based on a new cultivation methodology of willow trees, which very efficiently absorbs carbon dioxide from the air. A climate forest is estimated to absorb 5-10 times as much carbon dioxide as spruce and pine per unit area and time unit. The government inquiry 'The road to a climate-positive future' recommends at least 40 hectares of fast-growing deciduous trees on Swedish soil as part of making Sweden carbon neutral.

Not just carbon dioxide uptake.
'Smart trees' create many benefits.

Climate forest creates conditions for biodiversity.

Climate forests contribute to increased diversity and become a refuge for insects, butterflies, bees and small birds. Salix (Viden) is an important host for almost 640 species, of which just over 80 are red-listed, and a further 670 species use them. A high proportion (52%; 334 species) of the host-dependent species specialize in willow, but only 21 of them are red-listed. Source: The importance of host plants

Climate forest cleans and decontaminates soil and / or establishes environmental toxins in the soil.

There are several studies done on willow trees that show that the trees take up and in some cases break down ex. PFAS, DDT, mercury, arsenic, phthalates heavy metals and organic pollutants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). The trees are also used to clean arable land from cadmium and to clean up oil depots from oil, petrol and diesel. 

Climate forests can be used as buffers in catchment areas that are easily flooded.

Climate forest thrives well on wet lands and in a scenario where urban environments may be more often affected by floods, cultivation of climate forest is an alternative as a buffer against floods. Which also prevents environmental toxins etc. from spreading to nearby water systems and lakes. This helps to reduce our environmental impact on the Baltic Sea, to which most water systems have a connection.

Local Climate Forests can be financed in whole or in part by local companies

Through increased awareness of climate issues, many companies need to actively work on their climate impact. Until today, climate compensation has been made through energy and climate projects in developing countries, which is beginning to be strongly questioned. We offer the opportunity for local climate investments where companies are given the opportunity to compensate for climate by financing local climate forests in the municipality.

Soil remediation of environmental toxins

When it comes to soil remediation, we collaborate with our sister company Clean Nature who are experts in biological soil remediation. We develop a decontamination methodology for each individual project where we combine the plants that give the greatest possible effect for the environmental toxins that are to be decontaminated and / or determined.

Please read more about the project SMART PLANTS IN THE SERVICE OF THE CLIMATE "FAILURE" where, in collaboration with Clean Nature, Järfälla Municipality, Vinnova and Barkarby Science, we grow Climate Forests for soil purification, biological diversity and CO2 absorption.

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