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Thanks because you invest in Klimatskog!

When you invest in Klimatskog, you contribute to effectively reducing CO2 in the atmosphere while benefiting Swedish nature and the countryside.

Climate benefit

You are helping to reduce the amount of fossil carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with the aim of reaching the 1.5-degree goal and re-creating healthy and stable ecosystems.

Each hectare is estimated to absorb 200 tonnes of CO2 during the first 10-year period.

The biomass that is harvested is used to replace fossil fuels or products that enable long-term storage of carbon dioxide, e.g. biochar (PyCCS – Pyrogenic carbon capture and storage).


Scientific basis

Klimatskoga has taken on the task of creating an alternative that, on a scientific basis and with the greatest efficiency, transparency and quantifiability, makes a difference in the climate challenge. Cultivation of Klimatskog is based on Swedish research that has resulted in optimized cultivation methods and refined varieties of fast-growing willow trees.

Careful follow-up

We collaborate with Carbon Space Ltd, which gives us the opportunity to continuously verify the climate benefits. With the help of newly developed AI technology and satellites, we can measure growth and the real CO2 uptake in our Climate Forests.