A prosperous society
in a viable nature

About Klimatskoga

Klimatskoga offers services - to companies, organizations and individuals - that reduce the amount of fossil carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with the aim of recreating healthy and stable ecosystems.

What makes us unique?

Planting is done in Sweden with fast-growing deciduous trees on land where no forest has grown before. In this way, we create a local alternative to traditional Climate Compensation. Which makes the actual climate benefit easier to verify and control.

We create a natural connection between CO2 emissions and local uptake. We take responsibility all the way from plant to end product. We think circularly from planting, care, harvesting, sustainable use of biomass; then we start again in a new circle. We calculate the carbon dioxide uptake of our plantings over a 10-year period instead of 20 years. We believe that this harmonises better with the climate challenges we face.


Klimatskoga's vision is a prosperous society in a viable nature for future generations.


Klimatskoga, together with its customers and partners, will successfully capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce fossil carbon dioxide emissions so that together we can stop global warming.

We do this by:
- Continuously develop our business in accordance with research and innovation based on society's economic, social and ecological challenges.
- Help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere with the help of fast-growing deciduous trees.

Environmental policy

We work continuously to minimize our own and Klimatskoga's ecological footprint. We avoid passenger transport as much as possible and handle the majority of our meetings by phone or video link. We use computers, telephones and other products until they are used up and do not replace or upgrade unnecessarily. We prioritize locally produced, organic, environmentally friendly products and services as far as possible. Ecological sustainability is an integral part of what we stand for and want to achieve.

Core values

We strive to be a business leader in our business area in three dimensions. Which characterizes our internal work and our business relationships. This is, as we see it, the basic preconditions for successful and long-term sustainable development,

Our business is characterized by a deep respect for each other, our nature and future generations.

We do our very best for our customers and partners to create long-term business relationships.

We co-create with others to together contribute to solving the climate challenge.

Our team

Employees and board

Advisory Board

Jarmo Spiik

  • VD

phone: +46 70-5764605

jarmo @ klimatskoga.se

Christian van Oostrum

  • Sales

phone: +46 73-5370879

christian @ klimatskoga.se

Niklas Cassel

  • Member

Mikael Bernholm

  • Project management

Lars Ek

  • Strategic partnerships

Christian van Oostrum

  • Sales

phone: +46 73-5370879

christian @ klimatskoga.se

David Lindeby

  • Member

Magnus Hedman

  • Member

Advisory Board

Lena Asheim

CEO Salixenergi Europa AB, farmer

Lars Christersson

Professor Emeritus in forest intensive cultivation, SLU

Jonas Lagneryd

Senior advisor in 'Strategic leadership for sustainable development'

Håkan Rosenqvist

Land surveyor, agronomist, doctor and associate professor